Inflatable Projector Screen Vs ProScreen Projection Screen


If you are setting up an event, or need simply want an outdoor projection screen for a small backyard theater you have several choices. Two of which are the inflatable projector screen, and the ProScreen projection screen. Each has their advantages and disadvantages which I will get into in this article.


Speed Of Setup

ProScreen projection screens have the edge here. The speed at which inflatable projector screens can inflate varies. Some inflatable projector screens can inflate in a few minutes, some can take much longer, even though the display size may not be too big. There can also be some extra setup required with inflatable screens requiring you to use your toolkit, ProScreen projection screens can be setup with just an Air Blower Pump.



Some inflatable projection screens are available at a very low price. Typically you get what you pay for, but there are some excellent values. ProScreen projection screens typically cost a fair amount.



The ProScreen company is known for high quality projector screens. With inflatable projection screens the quality varies. High-quality inflatable projector screens do exist, but you will need to search around for them.


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